We live in an era of unprecedented change. Advances in technology change the way we learn, work, relate and relax. In other words, technology is changing the way we live. Digitization, datafication, sensorification – call it what you want – pose both threats and opportunities to human progress. Business, Government and Individuals need to respond in new ways or they will find themselves “left behind”. At Kankan*Tree we seek to understand the underlying mechanisms of Digitization – in particular the potential for behavioural change. We leverage this understanding of “engagement” to advise leaderrship and policy makers in the public and private sector on Digital Transformation. 

Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

There is ample evidence that the ongoing digitization is a game changer. Previous revolutions in ICT such as the printing press, the telegraph, the telephone, broadcasting and the computer lack the characteristics emerging today: hyper-connectivity, hyper-intelligence, and hyper-visibility (transparency), all at hyper-speed. These forces of change allow us to re-frame commercial and societal issues and come up with new solutions. And they enable new (ways to influence) behaviour. This calls for more thought leadership  and creative action by more people than ever before.


             Why change is different this time    

Given the complexity of today’s business and societal landscape, and the profound forces of Digitization, our consulting approach is supported by research and the resulting tools and frames. We invite our clients to be at the forefront of change by participating in our research activities. Today, this research led consulting approach is the best way forward to cope with Digital disruption. In this day and age of Big Data with it’s dominant paradigm of induction, paradoxically enough, we have never been in more need for good theory to understand and cope with change.


Research Led Consulting    


Envisioning how to benefit from Digitisation using Design Thinking and Customer Journeys

Implementing Digital Strategy through pervasive Organisation Change & Brokering of Ecosystem

Immersing leaders in Tech Trend Masterclasses and industry specific impact workshops

Identifying and designing Smart City innovations that scale and involve Smart Citizens and Smart Infrastructures

Setting the gears of thinking in motion with a speech on Digital Engagement of Smart Cities

Conducting specific joint research projects or participation in ongoing multi-stakeholder research tracks


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