Our services are focused on preparing and helping our clients to lead and execute their digital transformation. Kankan*Tree offers services ranging from strategy design and implementation to inspirational talks up to in depth joint research initiatives. Our research led consulting approach ensures that advice is supported by frameworks and grounded in the latest thinking. We do not believe in one size fits all methodologies and our approach is always collaborative and tailored to your specific situation.

Engagement is key to strategy and transformation


Digital Strategy

Today it is unthinkable to have a strategy that is not digital. We help you understand how digitisation impacts your current business model by unravelling its mechanisms that are specific to your industry and business. This impact is either positive, negative or disruptive. Next we use methods like customer journeys and design thinking to envision possible future business models. An analysis of existing and required competencies will help to select the most viable business models and innovations and to devise a course of action.


Digital Leadership

Changes in technology are so profound and are happening so fast that leadership teams are struggling to keep up. No longer is technology the sole domain of the CIO – it is imperative that the entire C-suite understand the implications of digitisation for the organisation. Depending on the “digital savviness” of the Leadership Team we design a set of one or more experience workshops and masterclasses to make leaders – through active participation - understand and feel what digitisation means.

Digital  Transformation

Digital Transformation is like going on a journey with a clear vision about the destination, but some uncertainty about the road ahead. This is a transformation that requires internal and external collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, partners, and vendors. We bring the change management and organisational development expertise to help you manage and adapt this journey. Furthermore we can help broker your digital ecosystem by bridging the gaps with smaller start-ups and major ICT vendors.

Smart Cities Innovation

Smart City innovations occur when “wicked problems” are solved at the intersection of government, business and society. To date, solutions have mostly been confined to infrastructure and do not scale easily. We propose to focus on solutions that extend beyond infrastructure to include smart citizens. And furthermore innovations should be sought for at the core processes of an urban system and not on the edge, if they are to scale. Smart city innovations require a change of attitude for all involved: government, business, and citizens.

Inspirational Speaking

With our speaking engagements we aim to inform, inspire and provoke conventional thinking. We bring new topics to the forum and provide fresh perspectives on existing topics. Triggering the audience to challenge their personal wisdom should leave them with at least one new innovative idea or thought provoking question!


Digital Engagement in an Age of Anxiety?

Scaling Smarter Cities beyond the pilot phase

Behavioural Change and Experience Design

Ethicial Issues of Big Data & AI

Truth, Trust and Triggers: on saving democracy

Research Participation

Conducting  specific joint research projects or participation in on--going multi-stakeholder research tracks. Collaboration with Univer-sities. See "Digital Engagement" Research Programme

initiated with the Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Multi- stakeholder research

In company surveys and case studies

MSc and PhD students

Industry & Company  Specific Analyses

Technology Specific Exploration


Organisational Development

Supporting the Integration of two companies by capturing best practices and solidifying the organisation design

Digital Strategy

Developing an outlook on the short term and longer term strategy on how to deal with digitisation

Innovation Playbook

Helping to launch an innovation department by selecting the buckets of innovation and defining rules of the game


Intelligent Society?

Presentation for Managers and Teachers at Educational conference CVI on what it will take to make society truely intelligent in  the Digitial Age, including imperatives for Business, Government and Citizens.

Sensors in the Public Space

Presentation for Rijkswaterstaat Future session outlining how sensors in things, nature and people transform our "interspace" into a living, connected and intelligent ecosystem (in Dutch)

Smart Citizens

Presentation at the Smarter Cities Masterclass organised by the University of Girona and the Schiedam Municipality

Photo by: Martin van Rooij

Keeping people engaged

Letter submitted to the FD newspaper stating that it is up to Society - you and me - to get the disengaged back on board (in Dutch)

Energy companies as Data vaults?

Presentation at PowerGen Europe in Milano. Can Energy companies become the trusted parties to manage our Personal Data Vaults: from powering our Homes to powering our Lives

Trust & Digitisation

Presentation at FinTech conference on the Business Model of Trust. How our notion of Trust, the "invisible hand" of societies, is changed by technologies eg Blockchain. Personal Digital Assistants require trust.


Explanation of IBM's Jeopardy winning Artificial Intelligence solution and its real life applications

Personal Data in Smart City ecosystems

Gueste Lecture at University Twente about the use personal data (vaults) in smart cities. Given some broken promises of smart cities and the internet, is this a good idea? What can we do to mitigate possible adverse effects?