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I am a business consultant, speaker, and researcher who has worked with leaders in both the public and private sector. I have published on coordination theory and advised on topics of Digital Strategy, Organisational Design & Change, Governance and Customer Experience. As one of the first Explorers of the Smart City I help leaders in both public and private sector to use digital technologies to solve some of societies´ most pressing problems. Believing that many of these problems are behavioural problems I research how technology can (be used to) influence behaviour.  With over 20 years experience at PWC and IBM, lastly as IBM´s Smarter Cities Leader for the Benelux and as a Business Develop Executive, I feel that we need a new approach to problem solving. This is why I founded Kankan*Tree – a research led consulting firm committed to “transforming organisations and the way they engage citizens, consumers and employees using digital technologies”. My research activities include an affiliation with the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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Kankan*Tree is inspired by the Ceiba pentandra which is a majestic tropical tree and symbol for the complex biological interactions and human connections with the environment. The giant limbs of the Ceiba's umbrella-shaped crown are laden with aerial plants and provide a home for countless species including frogs, birds and bromeliads. The Ceiba, also known as the Kankantrie in Suriname South America, towers over the other rainforest vegetation. As its many seeds are easily blown into the air, these trees are some of the first to colonize open areas in the forest.

The Ceiba reminds us that although we live in the digital age and are increasingly able to shape the world ourselves, we are still a part of nature. Nature's designs, interactions, and resilience offer inspiration to today's designers of society and humanity.

Inspired by nature's way to make complexity beautiful   


Creating insightful overview

The speed of technological advancement is only surpassed by the speed of human creativity which continually finds new ways to leverage new possibilities. Kankan*Tree aims to understand the underlying mechanisms that shape our rapidly changing digital society and to help leadership with the insight necessary to see the “forest for the trees”.

Sharing ideas

Just like life itself, our ideas only stand to evolve and survive if they "meet and mate" with other ideas. At Kankan*Tree we take it upon ourselves to share our research findings, ideas and thinking as early as possible - through writing and speaking - so that we can leverage our collective intelligence.

Leveraging ecosystems

Nothing in the universe exists alone, and nothing relevant has ever been accomplished alone. This ancient adage is increasingly true in our age of hyper-connectivity.  Kankan*Tree actively seeks and engages complementary partner-ships in both academea and business to devise and deliver the complex solutions needed for our digital age.

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Working in an ecosystem of experts